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Prices of the same medicine may vary from company to company.

For example, Paracetamol is a medicine.

Brand A and brand B of paracetamol are different in three ways - name, price and quality. It is the same way as salt, sugar, flour, sunflower oil etc.

But, good companies generally have products of the same quality level. Still their prices could be very different.


Dear Viewer,

As per governments directives it is mandatory for all drug manufacturers to print maximum retail prices of medicines inclusive of all taxes with effect from October 02, 2006, for all drugs manufactured on or after October 02, 2006. However, medicines manufactured prior to October 02, 2006, need not be withdrawn from the markets. Such packs may not have an MRP written on it. Their prices will certainly vary across the country depending on various pricing strategies and taxes. Moreover, even after October 02, 2006, the manufacturers are allowed to have different MRP for different regions depending upon local tax structure of that particular region. Therefore, prices we found for our database and prices you actually pay may vary. But, we believe, these pricing anomalies will not change relative standing of the brands. In other words, if brand A is more expensive than brand B in one market it will remain more expensive in all other markets.

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