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Prices of competitive brands of generic medicine (prescription drug)
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Same medicine, many brands, many prices. You can save a lot of money. Find out competitive brands of your medicine and their prices.
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Patient education articles on various diseases in simple language. It may help you prevent a disease, stop recurrence, or, understand the treatment.

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Disease – causes, symptoms, precautions
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 The prices you find here and the prices you actually pay in your area

Important note about prices that you see on our database and the prices you actually pay in your area

Dear Visitor,

It is mandatory for all drug manufacturers to print maximum retail prices of medicines inclusive of all taxes with effect from October 02, 2006, for all drugs manufactured on or after October 02, 2006. However, medicines manufactured prior to October 02, 2006, need not be withdrawn from the markets. Such packs may not have an MRP written on it. Their prices will certainly vary across the country depending on various pricing strategies and taxes. Moreover, even after October 02, 2006, the manufacturers are allowed to have different MRP for different regions depending upon local tax structure. Therefore, prices we found for our database and prices you actually pay may vary. We believe, these pricing anomalies will not change relative standing of the brands. In other words, if brand A is more expensive than brand B in one market it will remain more expensive in all other markets.

 How to differentiate between the brand name of a medicine and the generic name

Generic name is the medical name. It is generally written in big and thin letters above the brand name. Brand name is the trade name of the medicine and varies from company to company. Brand name will always be more prominent than the generic name. Combination drugs may not have the generic name bigger than the brand name. They may have a separate panel on the pack that says ‘Composition’. Thumb rule is simple for you: ‘what catches your eye more is the brand name’. Company’s interest is in promoting its brand. So brand name will always be more prominent even if written in a smaller font size than the generic name.

 Why do prices of different brands of the same medicine vary so much?

Selling price of any product depends on

  • Cost of produce
  • Cost of marketing
  • Cost of quality
  • Cost of distribution
  • Cost of finance
  • Profit margin

Variation in any of these factors can alter the end price to customers. Different companies have different values for each of these factors. That is why there are wild variations. Take advantage of this.

 The broad type and speciality of doctors in our database

Our visitors find it difficult to recognize specializations of doctors. Many visitors do not understand specializations like Endocrinology, Andrology, etc. So, we have given a ‘broad type’ for a group of related specializations of doctors. Broad types are colloquial terms and specialities are recognized medical classification of doctors.

Some examples of broad types and corresponding specialization of doctors are given below:

Cancer Specialists: Gynaecological Oncology, Medical Oncology, Radiotherapy, Surgical Oncology
Child Specialists: Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Nephrology, Paediatric Surgery, Paediatrics
Dentist: Dental Surgery, Dentistry, Endodontics, Orthodontist